Dare To Dream Coaching Program (DTD)


Bernadette Washington has a Masters in Human Resource Development and has helped numerous individuals with creative ideas to assist them with business start-up and ministries. DTD coaching is a Christian based program that is inspired by the Holy Scriptures. It is a powerful specialized coaching program designed to help you unleash and attain your God given vision, annihilate your fears, realize your potential, and have abundance in your life in spite of obstacles. You work on an individual basis with Bernadette Washington, a professionally experienced Christian Entrepreneur.


The Dare to Dream Coaching Program is for those who don’t know how to get started with accomplishing their dreams. If you are committed, focus and ready to take action then this is the program for you. Remember-we are not professional counselors but a footstool to help you get to the next level.


The Dare To Dream Coaching Program will:

  • Assist with annihilating your fears

  • Arouse your Potential

  • Assist with your God-Given Vision

  • Increase your focus

  • Rekindle your prayer life

  • Assist you with the Ministry of good bye (letting go of dream-breakers)

  • Assist you with a support team

  • Assist you in developing an action plan

  • Help you make the right decisions

  • Help Improve your follow through

  • Help you complete your action plan

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Human Resource Development and how does it relate to coaching?


Human Resource Development (HRD) is the framework for helping employees or individuals develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee or individual training, employee or individual career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring and succession planning. The focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development is on developing the most superior workers and people so that the organization and individuals can accomplish their goals in service to customers or themselves.


Human Resource Development can be formal such as in classroom training, a college course, or an organizational planned change effort. Or, Human Resource Development can be informal as in employee coaching by a manager or individual coaching by an entrepreneur. Healthy people and organizations believe in Human Resource Development.


What is the difference between the DTD Coaching Program and other coaching programs?


The DTD Coaching Program is based on Christian principles but is also diverse. We are not judgmental but treat all of our participants with respect, love and kindness. We serve anyone with a vision that will be helpful to them as well as the community. You do not have to have the same faith, however DTD uses principles from the Holy Bible and will not deter from its foundation. Essentially, the program combines the powerful principles of prayer, scripture and the effective tools of professional coaching experience to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be in every area of your life.


Through a variety of methods, including powerful candid questions, assessments, and challenging dialogue, Bernadette Washington will provide creative ideas and help you identify your purpose. The DTD program has a standard structure but is individually tailored to each participant’s needs. Your individual program will focus on achieving your goals in the areas that matter most to you. You help us set the agenda.


Can you work with me even if I don’t live near you?


Yes. Sessions are handled via telephone four times per month. Once your application and payment has been processed your sessions will be scheduled and you will be given a unique call in number to use to call in to your sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes. Sessions are client goal and agenda driven.


How much does the program cost?


Each month you will have four scheduled sessions and a time that is convenient for both you and Bernadette Washington. Each session will be 50 minutes in length. The cost of ongoing DTD monthly sessions are $ 799.99 per month, pay as you go sessions $229.99 and introductory session $59.99.


How do I pay for my sessions?


You may pay for your sessions using our secure online store and by invoice. You may also send your payment and client agreement to our office.


Do you have any specials related to this program?

We do not have a promotion at this time.


Yes, **Please note that the prices are discounted as an introductory promotional sessions from 5/25/26- 6/3/18** Appointments can be made during or after the promotion period. Payments must be paid during the promotional dates. DTD monthly sessions (Four: 40 mins)$299 - Pay as you go sessions (40 mins) - $99 Introductory session (30 mins) $30