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Bernadette Washington have a strong anointing of evangelism and the prophetic upon her life. She loves being in the presence of God and believes that it’s essential for the believer. Also, a no-nonsense, passionate and serious about intimacy with God and personal development transformation. Her motto in any given situation is, “if you ever put me in the position to choose between you and God; you will lose.”

​She gives Biblical based inspirational thought-provoking messages that will help you live a life of love, wholeness, and freedom in Christ Jesus. Bernadette is known for her humor and transparency where she constantly exposes her life’s journey for the benefit of the listeners to avoid the same pitfalls. She is a lover of people and wishes that all would say, yes to maturity and have eternal eyes of love for all people. Bernadette enjoys coaching people on a journey of self-awareness and inspiration to become the best person that God designed from the beginning. She is practical yet straightforward from a ministry leadership, educational and personal development background. She has a passion for family, friends and enjoys being a beautiful daughter of the one and only most high God.

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