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Vision Board Course: The Master's Boardroom

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Elevate your aspirations with our Vision Board Workshop Course, thoughtfully curated and guided by the talented duo of Cynthia Toomer and Bernadette Washington. This extraordinary course was conceived as a direct outcome of the empowering Women Headed In The Right Direction Conference 2023. Open the door to a transformative experience that welcomes participants from all walks of life, uniting them with the profound wisdom drawn from both biblical teachings and prophetic insights. What's included in this life-enriching course: Four Invaluable Sessions Comprehensive Worksheets and Inspiring Templates Exclusive Access to the Private Coaching Facebook Page for a period of two months The option to continue your journey within the group community after the initial two months, all for just $19.99 (valued at $29.99). Embrace the opportunity to bring your dreams to life, guided by the wisdom and support of a remarkable community, and experience the transformation you've been waiting for. Price increases to 49.99 starting January 1, 2024.

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